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Tried to sneak inside the hideout in silence. Don’t mind him if he smell a little, had been doing chores almost the whole afternoon. Actually, that was why he didn’t want to get noticed, or would receive a scold.


{ ♛ } —-- ; ; Ultramarine optics lackadaisically flickered onto the familiar features, her own porcelain ones remaining phlegmatic. Really, even when the stoic soldier wandered to the library in hopes of finding pure reticence, people continued to mar that for her. A small exasperated sigh left her parted lips, quirking a brow. Usually most people wouldn’t complain, but knowing that the place was rarely used what it was for, lips curved into a silent sneer. 
                            “—-Do you need something or are you really here to read ?”

Thirty minutes. Thirty damn minutes and he was unable to find the book Armin asked him to get for him. He had checked all the possible shelves, and his hands were actuall aching of how many books he took and opened to check. But nothing, his result was still zero.


Was on his twentieth try, holding the object with one limb as the adjecent was changing the pages, brow knitted and the green orbs passing from word to word, when the inquisitive sentence uttered in a familiar voice reached him. Head lifted, giving a glance at the spot from the tone came, which as pretty close to his, finding his blonde comrade immersed in her personal lecture, wearing that stoic expression so characteristic.

Now he noticed, there was no one else around on that sector, so he guessed the interrogation was adressed to him. “I’m just looking for a book.” Hold on a second, maybe she can help. It worth a try. “ Hey, Annie. Can you give me a hand? It’s becoming a bit tedious here.”

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Not too long before Levi pulled off his own collar and let it fall onto the floor, too busy with the hooks of the belts around Eren’s body to take a note of his actual words. Yes, maybe this was sudden and there was no clear reason for this either than built up lust towards the younger, but he wasn’t ready to quit now that he’s been patient all day. 


Hungrily he plants kisses over the collarbones of his lover, palms roaming over him almost in anxious manner to feel every corner and detail of Eren’s body. But when h glances up and sees Eren’s face completely flustered, his ministrations slows down. Hah, how adorable. Levi calms himself and hovers palm over Eren’s mouth with a silence following it.

"…You stutter too much.”, suddenly the older comments, dark hues staring up at the boy. Levi was rarely one to talk so his words were limited once again, but he was clearly giving Eren a chance to put up against this if he wished so.

Was not only sudden but unexpected and unusual coming from someone so centered as was Rivaille. True, they have been together all this time, more than five months to be exact, wouldn’t be the first time, and hopefully, neither the last they shared an intimate moment since became official lovers. So it was not like if the younger didn’t wanted, was just that taken out of guard like that left him a bit confused.

One of his eyes closed as his head leaned to the side while the kiss were delivered against his skin meanwhile the covered torso was being explored over the clothes, a shiver running down his spine and shaking his form briefly as the red color painting the cheeks deepened.

Nonetheless, seconds later the action paused, curiosity printed on the facial connotations as was returning his attention to the elder, and about was to question what was wrong when his mouth was sealed by a foreign limb, silecing him before could even voice a vocal. Of course he would stutter, was edgy after all. Thankfully this started to vanish little by little when finally fell into account of the reasons that impulsed the shorter to do this. Besides, if he can fight titans, dealing with nervousness wouldn’t be difficult.

Greenish gems crossed with azure visual pools, daring to lift a hand to hover the opposite, removing it slowly from his lips, fingers sneaking between the others to create a hold, all while was leaning towards his lover. “… Can be… that you miss me?”


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The fact Eren had a conversation going on never went unnoticed, Levi just chose to ignore it. Such an ambitious and slightly selfish man he was, he needed Eren’s full attention from now on. — And, this matter could not be fulfilled around others either. He dragged both of them to the farthest room of the hideout, once both of them were in he made sure to close the door tight.


Levi quickly corners Eren against the shut door and uses one hand to lock the door, while the other was making early attempts of tugging the jacket of Eren’s uniform off. Both of his shoulders were exposed and the jacket halfway stripped, “I’ve been waiting you whole day…”

He couldn’t do more but follow his superior, fearing that he was going to get in trouble for something was not even sure was his fault. Could be related perhaps with the fact the clean was not well done as was expected? That was Jean’s fault, not his! That idiot should at least learn how to make a bed. His thoughts were abandoned then, returning to reality when the door was closed behind him, realizing in that moment was going to be serious.


Corporal, sir. I swear I" His phrase was left on the haf again, thanks to the new motion the shorter executed, back soon meeting the door as the other was approaching, eyes squeezing in case some hit would come, but the what he received was the sound of the lock, lids cracking to glance at the raven onace again, just seconds this started to take care of the upper garment of the shifter’s uniform, followed by such a suggestive words.

                                        Wait, wait, wait. What?

He couldn’t even react before the jacket disappeared. Red tint raising to his cheeks as his vocal cords did their job, proceeding with an attempt to form some coherent sentence, though what came out were stupid unconnected mumbles while was trying to process the situation. “You I e-eh!?…”

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"—Eren.” After catching a sight of the younger stalling around the hallway with few other scouts, Levi makes a sudden approach and wasn’t looking too happy to be honest. He gives no greeting, only a simple “Come with me.” Was enough before he grabs Eren by the fabric of his uniform and starts dragging him along.

It’s been a while since was able to share a normal conversation with two of his more closest friends, and he was enjoying it. Besides, there was something important he was planning to tell them, because been the last members of his famil they had the right to know.

That until a familiar voice interrupted, head turning only to make sure his supposition was right. “Ah, Corporal! I was" But his sentence was cut on the half, since the older seemed not to have enough patience to wait for it and his limb was suddenly trapped on a grip formed by said male and started walking, dragging the teen on the process, confusion tracing on the factions in seconds. Did he do something wrong? Not that he remembered.

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Okay, I’m here. A bit sleepy but still. I have to check the replies I owe but anyone would want to thread?

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